In the world of rapid changes, education seems to have become a big problem in many countries. It is needed to re-adjust the teaching process by empowering our students with competencies that can help them integrate and rapidly adapt to changes. Students should be taught values, independent thinking, team work and social awareness.

The project reunites 5 schools from Greece, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey institutions. All schools are confronted with new policies and changes in education almost every year, the demographic rates are decreasing in all the communities involved, the parents’ social background and their personal issues are negatively influencing children’s behaviour and attitudes towards learning and each school is developing recreational areas for the students. According to the institutional development plans, each partner set as priorities to develop programmes that value the students’ creative potential, their life skills encouraging them to embrace diversity, fostering social acceptance and integration. Other contextual common points are the fact that all partners are working with students with special needs, facing fewer opportunities, immigrants and refugees.

 It is also a practical example on how to boost active citizenship using Social and Emotional Learning to organize activities that tackle social and emotional aspects of learning, fostering inclusion, engaging students with fewer opportunities, offering the possibility to recognize and value diversity. It also creates opportunities for civic engagement among students helping them to acquire new skills, be more responsible citizens bringing their contribution to the good of their communities.

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