144 SU

„Narodni buditeli“

144 Secondary School “Narodni Buditeli” is a big school with 1280 pupils and more than 120 teachers in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The school has been working out traditions and its own profile for more than 30 years now. It is specialised in Arts, Music and Choreography.

The profiled training in these subjects includes intensive studying of English language. We also have classes in Spanish and Russian. Our students are aged between 6 and 19.

They are of different social status children from intermarriages; disadvantaged for socioeconomic reasons; suffering from chronic illnesses and partial disability and students with special educational needs.

These students are at different age and in different classes but they don’t feel socially isolated as they are treated as individuals by the pedagogical staff and the school nurses take special care of them. Specialized teachers work with them individually. There are special and individual programs for their education and upbringing.

The school has a modern and advanced facilities for the acquisition of European education and has numerous honors and awards in competitions at home and abroad. It is the only school in Bulgaria which is a member of the World Dance Association of UNESCO.

The school has 24 classrooms and 24 specialized rooms, 3 choreographic gyms, 4 labs for information technology, 5 Cabinet of Fine Arts, 7 rooms to study music, a swimming pool, a canteen and a bookstore.

There are numerous awards and honors in the field of art – Music, Choreography, Art. The prizes in sporting events of our students are also enough to shape a large section – a showcase on the first floor. At school there are six sections that are filled with trophies, plaques, certificates and special prizes awarded to our students and teachers.

Moreover, our teaching staff has extensive experience working on various national and international projects – from 2004 on we have worked on various projects under the Socrates, Comenius, Lifelong Learning Programme and now – Erasmus +.