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About Us – Ysgol Aberporth.

Aberporth Primary School is situated on the Ceredigion coast, in a seaside village approximately 7 miles north of  Cardigan and 14 miles south of New Quay. The school is only 100 meters approximately from Aberporth beach and it enjoys breath taking views of Cardigan Bay. Most of the children come to the school from the village or neighbouring coastal villages called Tresaith, Blaenporth and Parcllyn.

Currently, there are approximately 170 pupils who attend the school taught by 26 members of staff. It is Welsh Medium Priamary School where all lessons are provided through the medium of Welsh until children are 7 years old and then English is taught to the children. The age of the children who attend the school range from 4-11 years old. Our aim is to ensure that pupils are fully bilingual by the end of Year 6.

As part of our school there is a specialist unit called Canolfan y Don. It is a Specialist Resource centre at Ysgol Gynradd Aberporth for pupils with severe and/or profound  and multiple learning difficulties. Canolfan y Don is an integral part of the school and pupils integrate in to the mainstream during lessons, playtime and lunchtimes and all other school activities.

There are 8 classes in total wth 6 being in the main stream. The three youngest classes are named after sea creature, Crand, Bilidowcar a Dolffiniaid (Crab, Heron and Dolphins) and the oldest classes are called after places in the village (Dolwne, Pencartws a Phenrdyn). Classes of the resource centre in named after colours.

The school is a close-knit and caring community which ensures a happy and safe environment for all. We ensure equality, access to a diverse curriculum and nurture extensive skills to individuals in order to develop their potential as independent, lifelong learners.

Here is a little gallery of pictures of our school:

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